Free Vbscript Keyboard Macro Template!

A macro is a powerful tool used to automate your keyboard for repetitive tasks. Most people don't know that Windows already has a program that does this. Everything you need to write quick and easy macros is included in this file.

This simple macro script was created in VBScript. There are several benefits to using this kind of macro solution:
  • The macros are plain text and can be edited by anyone.

  • The macros use the Windows Scripting Host. They can be run on any Windows computer without installing anything extra.

  • The macro uses plain English commands.

  • Instructions are built into the script. Just open in a text editor and you can get to work.

  • Alternatively, you can use this website as a guide to using this Macro Template.

Macro Instructions:

  1. Unzip the folder containing the VBSCript macro template file. It will be named macro.vbs

  2. Copy the file to a new location. Place it near whatever you a creating a macro for. The desktop is always a good location.

  3. Right click the macro template file and select edit. This opens the macro in Notepad.exe

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the file. You will see a section labeled "Your code goes after here" followed by some plus signs. Just remove the example macro code here and place your own code.

  5. The area just above the plus signs displays the available macro commands.

  6. Once you are done entering macro commands, you save the file and close it.

  7. To run the macro, there are three methods: Double click the macro, right click and pick command prompt, or right click and click run with then pick windows scripting host.

  8. To send the file via email you may need to change the extension to .txt. Email filters do not like VBS programs.

  9. Of course, these are just functions written in Visual Basic Script, so you can extend the template by adding your own new functions. If you write something useful for everyone, post a comment and I will give you credit inside the template file and add your website to the side bar.

If you have any suggestions for improving the macro template, just leave a comment. I will include your name and website in the changes.